#44: What Is God’s Financial Plan?

//#44: What Is God’s Financial Plan?

#44: What Is God’s Financial Plan?

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In this episode of All Things Apostolic, Dr. Nathaniel Wilson discusses:

  • Missionary outreach in Kenya
  • Update of the Premiere Study Bible
  • Where tithing is founded
  • How it started and why
  • Jesus endorsed tithing

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  1. Hank Cummings April 24, 2018 at 8:44 pm - Reply

    Bro. Wilson,

    Thank you for the excellent Bible teaching and reports; I have enjoyed the program over several episodes. I believe this analysis on the topic of financial support for God’s work brings clarity where there has been confusion and controversy. I also appreciate your use of the term “under-shepherds” for pastors and wanted to take the opportunity to ask you about the leadership model for New Testament churches. Please address this subject after prayerful consideration of the following:


    In Berean spirit,
    Bro. Hank

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