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#34: One of the Best Tools of Preparation

In this episode, Dr. Nathaniel Wilson talks about: The tools needed to prepare to have a successful year. The concerns and threats to the Apostolic community from this changing world. How the right kind of education can be a key to help you achieve your goals. The need for the right education to successfully [...]

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#33: Why Is The Book of Acts So Important?

This episode discusses the book of Acts. Dr. Nathaniel Wilson tells us how necessary it is to read the books of Acts as an apostolic believer. One of the essential ways of receiving what the book of Acts has to offer, is by letting Jesus take control in our lives. The book of Acts [...]

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#32: Is Preaching Really Biblical?

Dr. Nathaniel J. Wilson shows us where we can find the authority to peach the Word in the Bible. He points out how preaching is so intrinsically distinct from other forms of communication devices used to bring ideas to large groups of people. He brings to our attention what sets it apart and how it [...]

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#31: How to Take Control In 2018

Happy New Year! In this episode of All Things Apostolic, Dr. Nathaniel J. Wilson helps us reflect on the past year, the coming year and why life has a cyclical nature. This is the beginning of a new cycle. We can start the new year with an attitude that understands that our circumstances don’t have [...]

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Where are all the other episodes?

As you can see, we are missing several episodes on the blog. But not to fear... All Things Apostolic has been recorded each week and has been aired on Holy Ghost radio every week. However, we are behind in posting new episodes since October. They are all coming along with more things. Please check back very [...]

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#19: Apostolic Resources to Sharpen Your Edge

Dr. Nathaniel Wilson gives an update on the progress of the Premier Study Bible, opportunities through Wilson University (, and for the first time, discusses his most recent book, Apostolic Pentecostal Theology along with other books he has written such as The Man of God and His Work and Ultimate Leadership—The Defining Moment (for [...]

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#18: Wilson University Challenge Week—Why Education?

Dr. Nathaniel J. Wilson reflects on the events of Challenge Week 2017, including the induction of Elder G.T. Haywood into the Apostolic Hall of Faith. The week ended with the commencement ceremonies of the Wilson University graduating class of 2017.  In this episode, he also stresses the importance of Biblical education in being effective [...]

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#17: The Lord’s Prayer as Therapy (part 6)

In this last episode of the prayer series, Dr. Nathaniel Wilson explains what it really means to be an Apostolic believer, what living full of the Holy Ghost really looks like, the optimal development of the Spirit, resisting temptation, and how we can achieve this through prayer. View Below: Listen Below: [...]

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#16: The Lord’s Prayer as Therapy (part 5)

In this episode, Dr. Nathaniel Wilson continues the series first by explaining the need to know who we are praying to. He also reiterates the importance of understanding the spiritual need that we have which can only be achieved through prayer. What are the things hindering our prayer to receive the answers we ask [...]

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#15: The Lord’s Prayer as Therapy (part 4)

Is there anything more crucial to a disciple of Jesus than prayer? Continuing with the series about the Lord's Prayer as therapy, Dr. Nathaniel Wilson starts with understanding the will of God in prayer to have a successful prayer life. Moving from the first part of prayer directed to God, to the part of [...]

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